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Tips for Helping a Loved One

September 19, 2022

Firstly, confront the individual in a constructive manner and make sure not to express personal frustrations.  Help them identify situations in which they are missing out due to hearing loss when they don't need to.  These areas can include withdrawal from social gatherings, difficulty hearing on the phone and more.  If the individual can recognize the symptoms of hearing loss that exist and their effects on their ability to effectively communicate it will increase the likelihood that they will want to take action on their end.

Next, offer your time to help them research the causes and types of hearing loss and to attend their appointment with them.   Any action that can be done to ease the process of taking the first step in a hearing evaluation will help make it an effortless process.  If treatment is needed beyond the initial appointment, continues to offer your support in the process so they can rely on help getting the care they deserve.

Lastly, if the friend is in need of a hearing aid offer your help in exploring the many payment options so they can be assured that they receive the best solution for not only their hearing loss and lifestyle needs, but also for their budget.  If the individual is a family member maybe you can even offer your assistance in making the purchase.  

If you know of a friend or family member that is displaying any symptoms of hearing loss not helping that person get treatment can negatively affect their well-being as well the enjoyment for those around them.  Rather than letting the individual find ways to cope with their hearing loss difficulties and accommodating those actions, focus your efforts on helping them start the process with a hearing evaluation.  At Advanced Hearing Center we offer complimentary appointments to make sure all of those in need get the care they deserve.  To set-up an appointment simply visit our Contact Us page and submit your information. 



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